I was in inside my coat

images (1)When Nam’s first wife died, he married again. his second wife was much younger than he was and they often quarrelled. one evening when Nam came home very late, his wife said to him, ‘I cooked your dinner two hours ago. it is quite spoiled now.’ she was so angry that she gave him a push, and as she was strong, and he was old and weak, he fell down the stairs.

one of Nam’s neighbours, who was always eager to know what was happening in everybody else’s house, was listening, and when he fell down the stairs, she came to his front door and knocked.

‘what has happened?’ she said

‘my coat fell down the stairs,’ he answered.

‘but a coat would not make so much noise!’ the neighbour said.

‘of course it would,’ answered Nam, ‘if I was inside it’

************************ end ********************

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One day of me…

The morning alarm-clock ring at 6am, but dont wake up, i sleep off untill 7am. i plan to exercise but too lazy and stop over. Today i have a breakfast before brush mmy teeth. after i have a shower but no wash my head because i am afraid out of water. After i drive moto from a alley to the way, i almost hit that lady. the lady scold me be going wrong. i dont use the bus because i am lazy to walk. i go to school but not in class, i am in a cafe near the school, waiting some friends to play game or bida. my mother give me 50k one day but still not enough. the night i go to english-class but i dont like. when i come back home and have dinner, after immediately online facebook untill 2am.

september again one more


Hi my frirends, long time i am not here, well today i have a present for all. You try to guess what it is. Yeah, it is very simple, that is the last story in the book ‘Elementary stories for reproduction’ of L.A.Hill.

It was Christmas, and there was a big party in the house. guests came and went, but the party continued. then the bell rang. serveral people shouted, ‘come in’ and a small man opened the front door and came in. nobody knew him, but the host went to meet him and took him to the bar for a drink. the man sat there happily for an hour and a half and drank. then suddenly he stopped and looked at his host. ‘do you know,’ he said, ‘nobody invited me to this party. i dont know you, i dont know your wife and i dont know any of your guests. my wife and i wanted to go out in our car, but one of your guests’ cars was in front of our gate, so i came here to find him- and my wife is waiting in our car for me to come back!’

how strict should parents be with their children?

vba young father was visting an older neighbour. They were standing in the older man’s garden and talking about children. The young man said, ‘how strict should parents be with their children’

the older man pointed to a string between a big, strong tree and a thin, young one.

‘please untie that string,’ he said. the young man untied it, and the young tree bent over to one side.

‘now tie it again please,’ said the older man. ‘but first pull the string tight so that the young tree is traight again.’

the young man did this. then the older man said, ‘there. it is the same with children. you must be strict with them, but sometimes you must untie the string to see how they are getting on. if they are not yet able to stand alone, you must tie the string tight again. but when you find that they are ready to stand alone, you can take the string away.’

i am as strong now as when i was a young man

corner  Some of Nasre’ old friends were talking about young people in their town. They all agreed that old people were wiser than young people. Then one of old people said, “but young people are stronger than old people”.

All of them agreed that this was true, except Nasre. He said, “No. i am as strong now as when i was a young man”.

“what do you mean?” said his friends. “how is that possible? explain yourself!”

“well” said Nasre, in one corner of my field there is a rock. when i was a young man i used to try to move it, but i could not because i was not strong enough. I am an old man now, and when i try to move it, i still cannot”.

corner /’kɔ:nə/ góc (nhà)
rock /rɔk/ hòn đá
wise /waiz/ khôn ngoan, hiểu biết